Bed bugs are tiny vampires. They are less than 1/4th an inch long but still visible to the naked eye. They are insects which feed on blood and typically hunt at night. Their bites can leave little red marks on your skin, cause itchy and annoying rashes, or even cause an allergic reaction. Skin marks can range anywhere from area redness to full blisters.

Bed bug infestations can happen anywhere, but typically occur in high density areas like apartment buildings or townhomes. Once bed bugs find a comfortable place to live, they start to spread. If your neighbor is dealing with a bed bug problem, chances are your bed is next. Call Etheridge Pest Services if you suspect you may be getting bit by bed bugs at night.

Tips for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs typically prefer warm, soft spaces. If you are looking for these pests, check under and on the seams of your mattress, under piles of clothes, in suitcase luggage, under pet beds, and any other spots that might give bed bugs a cozy place to hide.

Don’t expect finding bed bugs to be easy; they are experts at hiding during the day and only become active at night.

Clean up your surroundings to make it harder for bed bugs to find a place to hide. The less clutter, the more vulnerable the bed bugs are.


Don’t throw away belongings just because bed bugs have made a home. Getting rid of these intruders may feel impossible, but it can be done. Replacing items you’ve thrown away can be more expensive than having those items treated to remove the bed bugs.

Wash your sheets and any clothes that touch the floor with warm water and dry with heat to ensure your linens are clean and sanitized.

Vacuuming can be helpful to reduce the number of bed bugs, but doesn’t kill them. Make sure to empty your vacuum and take the trash out as soon as you are done.

When in doubt, turn to the professionals. Call Etheridge Pest Services and we’ll help you sleep easier at night.

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